Daughter Proven & Genomic Holstein

HBN Number HOLIRLM272004710937 Pedigree Oman Oman X Shottle X Roylane Jordan (HO 100%)
  • Great Farmer Satisfaction With His Milking Daughters
  • Daughters Have Great Rump Structure
  • Super Fertility
  • aAa: 423
PLI Update - August 2018Holstein UK/ AHDB Dairy
PLI316Calving Ease+0.8
Milk Kgs+252
Fat Kgs+97Somatic Cell Count (%)-6
Fat %+0
Protein Kgs+13Lifespan+0.2
Protein %+0.06
Reliability %71Fertility Index+7.2
Daughters | Herds0 | 0
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